I want to take this moment on July 14 to write down how content I am, and maybe on one of my more anxiety-filled days I can look back and remember this.
I am in a perfect relationship. Christian is generous, patient, thoughtful, intelligent, funny and above all else, he is honest.
I have my own apartment. I have a one bedroom, with no roommates, that I can do whatever I want, whenever I want in. I don’t have to keep it clean, I only do it because it is what I want.
I have jobs. I hate my full time job, it’s the source of nearly all my unhappiness on a day-to-day basis, but I am paid enough to successfully handle my bills and sustain a comfortable lifestyle for the time being. And I have supplementary part time jobs to help me.
I have no drama. None. My emotionally abusive, manipulative ex moved away ( he owes me money and still has some of my stuff but I am glad he’s gone). I have good friends that are honest and genuinely care about me. I have nobody going out of their way to make me unhappy now.
I am content. I do not need to stress. i am successful. I am smart. I am pretty. I am happy for the first time in years.


i wish i knew if you missed me


Keiji Nakagawa (1986)

i fell in love hard and fast and i will not pretend that doesn’t scare me

so lucky to be so in love